Outdoor cooking workshop

Wilderness gourmet

Clean air, quiet forest noise and the smell of coffee does something for every person. Let the campfire become your workshop and our small country air becomes a tool for energy and new ideas. Smoke from fire and natural ingredients will ultimately be a wonderful and awaited meal. This activity takes you on a gastronomic adventure over open fire in a small-scale forest.

Our biggest adventure over open fire is a real experience. We start the journey by packing supplies and heading along a beautiful nature trail to our food studio in the woods. A wooded room in a glass of pine and blueberries. With fireplaces, cooking kitchens, counter station and dining room under the sky. For 3-4 hours, we create the conditions for a 3 course meal.
We make fire and keep it alive, process raw materials and cook in stews and dishes over the fire. We decorate with nature’s beautiful things and finally enjoy a wonderful meal together. The menu can consist of, for example, luxury beef platters with red onion cream and lettuce, herb sprouts with root vegetables and long-baked apples with butter and almond pulp.
Suitable for groups seeking natural energy and community, 8-30 people.

Price: 1260 sek/person.